Check Out These Sweet Breakfast Ideas

Sweet Homemade Strawberry Toaster Pastries with SprinklesThe saying goes that breakfast is “the most important meal of the day” and if that’s the way you feel – then it’s important to make it great for your kids. Whether you’re looking to break out from the usual breakfast fare or establish a new eating pattern to start the day, here are some sweet breakfast ideas for your kids from

Rainbow Waffles

Add some food coloring to regular old waffles and voila – you’ve got rainbow-colored waffles the kids will love! Add some whipped cream and sprinkles to make them even more special. 

Silly Breakfast Toast Faces

Add hummus to toast to make “hair” and vegetables to make “eyes and a mouth.” Breakfast toast faces are also an easy way to try and sneak some healthy items into their breakfast.

Pear-Berry Breakfast Tarts

Kids love Pop Tarts, but the high sugar content and artificial chemicals are a big minus. Make your own breakfast tarts and use fresh pears and raspberries as filling for a healthier alternative. 

Breakfast Sushi

Take sliced bananas and colorful cereal flakes and you can make your kids breakfast sushi rolls. Pro tip: use yogurt to keep the cereal stuck to the banana slices and to add some healthy protein. 

Apple Fruit Donuts

Ditch the high sugar carbs inherent in regular donuts and use apple slices with cream cheese on top to create a healthy breakfast treat. You can even add sprinkles on top to make them even more like a traditional donut. 

Sausage & Hash Brown Breakfast Pizza

For kids who can eat pizza every meal of the day, this is a perfect option. Use crescent roll dough to make the crust and add hash browns, eggs, and sausage on top. 

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