Out With The Old, In With The New

Spring cleaningSpringtime is when things start to pick up. Everyone gets busier and busier as activities start to ramp up and the sun begins to shine. As your calendar starts to fill up with things to do, the last thing on your mind is how to redecorate your home to fit the new season. If that’s still something you would like to accomplish, just follow this list of steps to achieve a new space in minutes, and then plan a family fun night inside to appreciate your hard work!

Start At The Front

Since your front porch is the first impression of your home, it’s the easiest to make over. It takes just a few minutes to fill a long wicker basket with some real or faux flowers. You can either place this basket to the side of your door, or you can tie a breezy bow with some fabric around it and then one long string, making it easy to hang on the front door. This is the floral refresh you need, and guests will be delighted by it!

Work Your Way To The Middle

The easiest way to flip your living room or family space is to pick a corner, focus in on it, and fill it with as many blue and green items as you see fit. Maybe that’s a pop of greenery like a succulent, or maybe that’s a cozy blue blanket. Some other ideas are a wreath to hang on the wall, a statement chair, and a few bright ceramic vases. You can choose a few, or all, and add them into the corner where it will look as if they have always been there!

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Now For The Kitchen

Last but not least, you’ve got to spruce up the only room you might spend more time in than the living room. Wicker goes a long way during the spring, so fill a wicker basket with some fruit, and grab a tray as well. Lay the tray against the wall, and place it next to a flower in a bright vase. Another quick idea is to hang brightly colored coffee mugs on the wall; it’s both practical and pretty.

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