Crafts That Will Be Fun For The Entire Family

Toddlers creating with paper and markersIf you’re looking for a great way to get the family to ditch the electronic devices and spend some quality time together – why not try crafts? has some amazing craft ideas that are perfect for the entire family. 

Clothespin Paintbrushes

Go outside and grab some “feathery” type plants and then use the clothespin for holders. Grab some paint and you’ll have unique brushstrokes to make an art project. 

Natural Inks

This one is another great way to get the kids outside. Have them gather up berries, leaves, bark, and mulch, then add water to make natural inks. Be sure to have the kids wear clothes that can definitely handle stains. Many natural berries make permanent marks!

Painted Sneakers

This one is a simple but popular craft for the whole family. Buy some plain white sneakers, fabric paint, and paint brushes and get to work. You can paint the sneakers with simple, minimalist designs, or channel your inner Jackson Pollock and splash paint all over them. 

Decorated Pencils

Grab some pencils and wrap tape around them. Use candy cane design tape or you can wrap in individual circles. Paint over the pencil and when it’s dry remove the tape. 

Paper Animal Masks

Purchase some animal mask templates and trace them onto paper plates. Add feathers, glitter and other accessories. 

Fairy Light Jars

Make your own glowing lanterns with mason jars, craft paint, and lights. Your kids can decorate them as much or as little as they want to their tastes. 

Decorative Painted Umbrellas

Purchase some smaller size umbrellas along with some fabric paint and brushes to create decorative painted umbrellas. If your kids hate toting umbrellas with them to school on rainy days, this is a great way to get them to pick up the habit. 

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