7 Food Delivery Apps You Must Try

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Have you ever called in a to-go order and had a far-from-pleasant experience? Though it should be simple, ordering food can be such a hassle. Thankfully you can put an end to that! Food delivery has practically turned to a non-contact and all-online service. With a few taps on your electronic device, you can have any type of food, from any delicious restaurant, delivered to your doorstep! Did we mention all delivery apps are free to download? Check out these seven food delivery service apps that will make your next delivery order hassle-free!


Offered for the iOS and Android, this on-demand food delivery service delivers all your favorite meals from the most loved restaurants in your area! There is a $5.99 flat delivery fee.


GrubHub, also available for iOS and Android, has over 50,000 takeout restaurant options in over 1,000 cities. All you need to do on this app is choose what food you are in the mood for and GrubHub will do the rest. Just a few taps and your food will be at your door! The delivery fee varies with each restaurant.

Uber Eats

Craving a meal from your favorite local restaurant? Check out Uber Eats! They deliver from nearby chain and local restaurants! The app is available on iOs and Android devices. The delivery fee is $4.99 and up depending on the distance.


Thousands of restaurants are available for delivery through Seamless. You are able to get discounts and deals on your favorite delivery. The delivery fee is $6.00 and the app is offered on iOS and Android.


Available on iPhone and Android devices, you can order food and groceries all through the app. What is great about this delivery service is you can pay $9.99 a month and get a $0 delivery fee on orders that are over $20.00! The delivery fee ranges from $1.99 to $9.99 without a membership.


This app is perfect for anyone that is looking to get their favorite snacks or essential items delivered! For a flat rate delivery fee of $1.95, you can get your favorite treats delivered to you super quick! Available for iOs and Android.

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With a membership, of $8.95 a month, you can get your favorite meals scheduled for delivery! The meals on Munchery are priced at a lower cost than dishes at restaurants.

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